Installing Rcpp

SIMPLEGEN relies on the Rcpp package, which requires the following OS-specific steps:

  • Windows
    • Download and install the appropriate version of Rtools for your version of R. On installation, ensure you check the box to arrange your system PATH as recommended by Rtools
  • Mac OS X
    • Download and install XCode
    • Within XCode go to Preferences : Downloads and install the Command Line Tools
  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)
    • Install the core software development utilities required for R package development as well as LaTeX by executing

      sudo apt-get install r-base-dev texlive-full

Installing and loading SIMPLEGEN

Next, in R, ensure that you have the devtools package installed by running

install.packages("devtools", repos='')

Then install the SIMPLEGEN package directly from GitHub by running


If you have any problems installing, please raise an issue on github.

Assuming everything installed correctly, we need to load the package:


You can test that the package is loaded and working by running the following command, which should produce the following output:

## SIMPLEGEN loaded successfully!