Compile an odin model to work with dust.

odin_dust(x, ..., options = NULL)

odin_dust_(x, ..., options = NULL)



Either the name of a file to read, a text string (if length is greater than 1 elements will be joined with newlines) or an expression.


Arguments passed to odin_dust_options, including real_type, gpu, verbose, workdir, no_check_unused_equations and rewrite_dims.


An odin::odin_options or odin_dust_options object. If given it overrides arguments; if it is already a odin_dust_options object it is returned unmodified. Otherwise it is passed through to odin::odin_options where it will override arguments in ... but respond to the odin_dust specific options (real_type, etc)


Note that this does not (yet) support the full odin output object, instead creating the more limited dust interface. However, for many uses this should be considerably faster than the interface that odin normally uses (built on dde).