Situation Report for COVID-19: Bangladesh, 2021-01-18

Download the report for Bangladesh, 2021-01-18 here.

This report uses data from the European Centre for Disease Control. These data are updated daily and whilst there may be a short delay, they are generally consistent with Ministry reports. These data are then used to back-calculate an ‘inferred number of COVID-19 infections’ using mathematical modelling techniques (see Report 12 for further details) to estimate the number of people that have been infected and to make short-term projections for future healthcare needs.

Epidemiological Situation

Total Reported Cases New Reported Cases Total Reported Deaths New Reported Deaths Estimated \(R_{eff}\)
0 0 0 0 0.78 (95% CI: 0.67-0.9)

The figure below shows the cumulative reported deaths as a function of the time since the 10th death was reported. Dashed lines show the expected trajectory for different doubling times of the epidemic. For example, with a doubling time of 3 days, if there are currently a total of 20 deaths reported, we would expect there to be 40 deaths in total reported in 3 days-time, 80 deaths in 6 days-time, 160 deaths in 9 days-time etc. For most epidemics, in the absence of interventions, we expect a doubling time of 3-4 days for this disease. N.B. Bangladesh is not shown in the following plot as only 0 deaths have been reported to date